Any server configuration tips for a private server with less than 10 players?


Anyone got any tips for improving AI responsiveness, server performance, etc, for a small private server?

We run a dedicated server rented from Hetzner and while not bleeding edge, it’s pretty strong and has been able to comfortably run Conan Exiles at 60 FPS with no dips in the server framerate.

I copied some stuff from here: Steam Community :: Guide :: Tweaks and Fixes for Unofficial Dedicated Servers: the Ramblings of a Config-Edit Junkie

But honestly I’m not sure if those make things better or worse. Also not sure how up to date it is given that it’s a few years old and there’s been some larger performance updates since.

Mostly I’d like the AI to respond more sharply to players, take player constructions into account better, decrease the amount of floating around and glitching in the terrain, make combat more responsive.

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