Dedicated server - Looking for tech advice

I just started playing this weekend and I am enjoying the game. My only complaint thus far, other than javelins and throwing axes seem bugged, is a bit of lag, rubberbanding and stutter on servers vs single player.

Single player everything is smooth, especially combat.

I joined a friend on his Gportal server and there is just two of us. A lot of the time things looks mostly fine but once combat starts it is not near a smooth as single player.

I have played Ark a lot and when using their official servers or others private servers it was even worse than my buddies Conan Exiles Gportal server. So, I setup a server in my house for Ark and for our little group of 4-6 it was perfect. No more rubber banding or lag. Only small lag spikes when it was saving.

That rig was: i5 2400 8GB RAM and an old SSD 120GB

I decided to try it for Conan Exiles on my new rig and it so far unfortunately hasn’t improved combat over the Gportal server. This is unfortunate because I really enjoy combat when in single player but online thus far is a bit laggy for my taste.

I setup Conan Dedicated server on my new rig and play on it as well. This is working flawlessly for Ark.

Current System: R7 2700X 32GB RAM / Client on WD Black NVME SSD / Server on 860 EVO SSD
Internet bandwith: 120Mbps down / 25Mbps up

I am using Funcom’s DedicatedServerLauncher1025 and have tried tick rates of 30, 50 and 60. None of those change the hitching / lag mobs jumping from one place to another. It is more prevalent in faster moving mobs.

Thanks for the DedicatedServerLaucher, it works well and I had my server up in 15 minutes or less.

I don’t care if we use GPortal, my current rig or the separate older rig to host the server. I just want combat to feel like it does in single player. I can actually see where the mob is going and moving to.

I did also try some ini settings to do with bandwidth from an old 2017 Steam post but it changed nothing so I removed them.

I can provide a video comparison of my single player combat visuals vs server combat if needed to help diagnose.

I had similar issues but with my LAN server. I ended up using settings from an old post as well and it seemed to fix my issue. Probably same post you tried? My numbers are slightly different tho.

But just in case its something else…

Could be total coincidence that it helped me. But these are the figures I used on the server:





Then on my client I used:
…\common\Conan Exiles\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini


NOTE: As mentioned earlier this probably won’t help you. I did all this before last patch that was meant to fix these issues and just never changed them back since my game seems to work great now (not broke so I dont fix). I have tried 3 setups…

  1. Debian Linux (was horrifying, ubuntu is meant to work well tho)
  2. My current windows system (old): i7-6700 3.4Ghz, 16GB ram win10
  3. Ended up with a VM using virtualbox on my linux box (amd fx 8320 8 cores 3.5Ghz, 16GB) (note thats what I allocated to the guest VM, host system itself has double those stats.)

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