Any way to fix the lag?

Game mode: Single Player / Co-Op
Type of issue: Lag
Server type: PvE
Region: Local

Constant freezing / stuttering

Im aware a lot of people are having this same problem, and that the devs are looking into it, but does anyone have a fix for it currently? My game was working perfect pre patch. Post patch, constant freezing/stuttering goes on as soon as I log in. I personally dislike this patch as a whole, but it would be bearable and or something to get used to if I could at least play the game. Any suggestions on how to fix the lag would be great.

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I also got the same problem as you.

I try to figure it out but this is hard.

So, I have made an investigation about this.

I downloaded the test live version, created a new game, did some missions, built stuff.
The game runs very smoothly, no laggy, nothing bad happens.

So I have checked the “Saved” folder, and I see “\Conan Exiles - Testlive Client\ConanSandbox\Saved” folder does not have “Game” Data Base file. I don’t know why.

Then I checked the “\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved” and I saw a “Game” Data Base file.

Therefore, I think maybe the problem comes from the saved folder. Maybe there are two saved folders, when I create a new game, the game will be saved to the new saved folder. When I use the old saved game, the game will be saved to both saved folders, and the game becomes laggy. I’m not sure about this. This is just my guess

However, we have to wait for a new update. Thank you for reading :smiley:

When we get problem, we try to solve it. I believe the developers will fix it soon. Please be patience ^^


You don’t have game.db on TestLive because you have never started a game on the old map. You have 1 db for Exiled Lands and 1 db for Siptah.


Thanks for the information. :smiley:

I’ll wait for the next update.

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So I created new game to play.

The game at the beginning is smooth. However, when I was building houses, the game became a bit lag.

After logged out and returned to the game again, I saw that the game was still lag, but it’s not much.

Thank you for reading :smiley:

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It could be related to the new building upgrade system that was introduced with this patch.

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Yeah, I really love the new buildings upgrade this time. :smiley:

Is there an expected resolution by date at this time?

Not that I could find, the only info that I have is a dev responding to someones post saying theyre looking into it, and that was days ago now.

They have been telling xbox players same thing for 5 months now, unplayable because of lag. But dont worry, I’m sure you wont be sitting 5 months from now, with no update or communication from devs.

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