Anybody know anything about this Fatal Error? Flashes up shortly after logon

Fatal error: [File:C:\B\tech_exiles\code\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\ScriptCore.cpp]
[Line: 1137] Failed to find function SetUseClanMemberBarColors W_EnemyHealthbar_C/ Engine/Transient.GameEngine_0:BP_ConanGameInstance_C_0.W_EnemyHealthbar_C_2


Since this is on a group server, & no one else is having the problem, I can’t really disable any mods.

Brand new machine… Fresh install

That’s a bummer, because this definitely sets off red flags that its a mod issue. IQOL, Hosav’s UI, maybe both, maybe other UI related mods.

Are you able to join single player with the same mod list?

“SetUseClanMemberBarColors W_EnemyHealthbar” enemy health bars are options in Hosav’s UI config list. I was guessing it might have something to do with it. When stuck with fatal errors, I check the forums so I can get back to play quicker. Typically, there are numerous others who have struggled with it before me and are willing to post their experience

I unsubscribed to all the Mods on my local system via Steam, Then logged back into the private server to reload them. I was able to play about 15 minutes before it crashed again. I then verified the integrity of the local files… again 15 minutes then yet another fatal error.

Well Hosav’s UI has not yet been updated to be compatible with 2.5 If that’s your source (or one of your sources) of issues, that will either need to be temporarily removed or wait for Hosav to complete work on it.

It’s Hosav UI mod, untick whatever related to healthbar.
Check your default/gameplay settings, ShowHealthValue thrall, npc and always show health bars untick.

Should work fine, took a while for me to figure out for my players, i have no issue as i leave those default value.

Only happens when player is near you.

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