Anybody who had been a victim of catch these hands cheating can celebrate today!

So after 2 months of fighting these cheaters we finally wiped them. Anybody whos ever had to deal with catch these hands can celebrate. We beat them so bad so many times they deleted their characters and clan as we wiped every single base they own. They used every single exploit possible including unlimited arrows, zath zeal, looking through walls and more. They had killforfoodstampz ddos the server at least 50+ times as well as ddoss our players individually and they still got beat down. GORO and his whole clan of 45 just up and quit. They rotated over 45 people through out this war and still lost. So this goes out to anybody who lost their stuff to these cheaters today is a day for celebration. They were foundation wiped on 4 seperate bases and lost 0ver 12 vaults worth of stuff. !!! Now cuz they are mad they are ddossing the server every day since. LOL

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WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO. how is wooo hoo not a complete sentecne lol.

It would appear kill4foodstampz is still salty we took everything they own. He is has been on the last 3 days in a row dossing the server. Everything was fine this morning and then within 60 seconds of him logging in the server gets dossed again. What is more pathetic than ddossing to try to win a war on conan exiles?? ddossing after you have already been wiped cuz your salty.

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