Anyone else having problems entering this forum from

I’ve always been used to enter the Conan Exiles from the main site

by clicking on the ‘Community’ tab, but that doesn’t seem do anything anymore?
To find this forum I now have to make a google search in order to find it…

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Only thing it does now is a dropdown menu with a single option: Mods.

Was there a Forum option there? It is the first time I visited the page. :rofl:

It used to send you directly to the forum when you clicked on the community tab itself, but it doesn’t anymore :face_with_monocle:

I just wanted to say, that I bookmarked the forum.

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This is definitely something that @AndyB must be informed @Frillen. I always join from my self phone so I cannot help.

I have been getting some 503 errors on the battlepass feedback thread so there may be something going on behind the scenes.

Yes I could make a bookmark of the Conan Exiles forum, and I have done it now, but still there really should be a link to the forum on the games main site, and it used to work so I am guessing it is a mistake that it doesn’t work anymore :slight_smile:


You can access the Forums from that site. It is convoluted. You must click on the Funcom icon at the bottom left of the page. From there, it is easy to find them. The best thing to do is bookmark the forums so you can use the autofill function of the web browser to get to the site.

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