Anyone Following World's Strongest Man?

I found a pet thread from a while back that was pretty cool, so I hope it’s alright to still post material that’s just barely related to Conan Exiles.

From a young age, Conan (and Arnold, and Batman, but that’s even more off-topic in an off-topic post) were an inspiration for me to get into lifting. I still think the scene in the first Conan movie that shows him straining to knock over the cannibal soup in the gigantic stone bowl is great. So, as an adult, I love strongman competitions.

Novikov (last year’s winner) didn’t even make it into the finals, though I’m not surprised relative newcomer Bobby Thompson made it in. I have Tom Stoltman for the gold, JF Carron for the silver, and Brian Shaw for 3rd.

You gonna love this then
I don’t follow the strong man comps but when I found out they actually use a real wheel of pain in some of the comps I was shocked


Yeah, they use that for the Arnold, which is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s yearly contest for strength athletes of all stripes. I think it’s better than World Strongest Man actually, because they televise every athlete in every event, at least in the strongman competition.

I remember reading that the engineer who actually put together the original Wheel of Pain for the Conan movie did his job too well: the wheel was too easy to push and they had to have someone off camera giving resistance in the opposite direction so the scene would work. Otherwise it didn’t look like Schwarzenegger was putting in any effort.

No way…that’s awesome

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