Anyone got interesting Themed Builds?

I’m curious if anyone has themed builds? builds that are not necessarily for maximum efficiency but rather for fun. If so, would you be willing to share?

I am currently attempting to make a Mortal Kombat Subzero style build using frost bound blade and frozen figurine.

I was thinking dual matchlock pistols and a sabre style sword for a proper old school pirate, but I don’t think I’ve seen any weapon skins that quite fit the concept.

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That sounds cool, got the outfit to go with it?

Unstoppable Force + Frenzied Wrath = get large build, both of them make your character ~20% larger

The outfit is easy; there’s the Lady of the Crimson Sea (f) or Sea Smuggler (m) costumes for the lazy, and plenty of piecemeal costume parts for similar looks including the obligatory eye patch. Arrr.

Some Kill Bill style sword build would be nice…but I can’t find the kill bill five point exploding heart technique in the skills for it.

I did something similar for a highwayman outfit (Pirate Hat + Venetian Mask), and used the Rapier skin. Though I couldn’t find the right kind of pistols.

What about the blood focus impair? its not so much exploding heart as rip out the heart and crushing it but still, close enough

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Yeah their used to be flintlock weapon skins for pistols in tsw, shame they took them out for SWL!

I have a ‘magic’ themed build of chaos and blood, with robes, for hunting desert occultists at night.
Of dubious efficiency it is not a serious combat build, but after-all that is the point.

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I am working on one that makes the character look like he is doing psionic powers.

Mostlybchaos, some elemental.

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