Anyone have any screenshots of the Slayer's Hoard

Anyone have any screenshots of the Slayer’s Hoards of the Second so and so?

Much appreciated if you do! :slight_smile:

M8 just look at the promtional videos for saga. You see all outfits there as on char selection screen and even full social set to earn here.:sunglasses: pause the video if too fast :wink:

Any link to those videos? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Found it.

Have to pause alot i guess! Thanks The Voice of Crom! :slight_smile:

I would have linked it put i didnt figure out how to link from mobile :sunglasses:

The problem with the video is that not all armor-set are shown on both female and male.

We also tried to enter the Armory in the cities on the different classes to check out the T2 pvp gear which is the same, but same problem here. Not all the armors are shown on female/male, it’s very random.

Edit: we also used this site to check the tiny tiny small icons for each part of the set

Thanks for that Balli! :slight_smile: