Anyone know a (non-mod) building technique for this?

I’ve figured out how to place a pillar on the edge of a foundation, but as usual, it is in the middle. The method is the staircase method where you place a stair where you want the pillar to be on the edge, then it will snap to the top of the stairs.

Does anyone know a method where I can get a pillar on the corner of a foundation or ceiling? I’m looking for a NON-MOD method.

I figure some creative builder here has figured out a way to place them there.

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What you’re asking is possible, but I don’t recommend it.

Pillars placed anywhere on a foundation, except the exact center, will insta-decay eventually. Those pillars you placed on an edge? One server reboot is all it takes to instantly demolish them. And any structures attached to them, also gone. People have lost huge chunks of their base doing what you are attempting.

Placing pillars on the corners is a must for me. Aesthetically it looks so much better, and the fact that there is no easy way to it is one of the great tragedies of the Conan building system. I have not experienced any issues regarding losing chunks of bases, but I play on private servers. However, there is a way to safe guard yourself a little from this, and I will explain later. Here’s how you do it:

First, place a stair case and a pillar on the center edge down to the ground. (Just as you already have done)

Second, demolish the staircase.

Third, place a ceiling on top of the pillar (which is now in the center, but not the corner).

Fourth, place a staircase on top of the ceiling directed towards the corner you want the pillar.

Fifth, place a pillar down to the ground from the center edge of the staircase (it should now be in the corner).

Sixth, demolish the staircase ceiling and first set of pillars, leaving just your corner pillars.

Some basic tips. Use standstone for everything that isn’t the corner pillar so you don’t waste too many resources. Also, keep in mind that the corner pillars will not provide stability to the ceilings above them unless you build them off the corner pillar (making it no longer on the corner). This is how you avoid parts of your base disappearing if the pillars were to decay permaturely (which they shouldn’t do so long as you Get close to them periodically). Finally, foundations will not place around corner pillars only ceilings and walls.

Hope this was helpful, good luck!


Not true. I’ve been using the offset pillar method forever and our server reboots every morning at 5am. No problems with it. If you’re on PS4 you can come try it out, search for CST Boosted PvP - Reduced Raid

DUDE! This is what I was looking for. Our server is boosted so I’m not worried about mats but thanks. I’ll test it out a little later.

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So this technique WORKED! I didn’t check to see if it provided any stability but the placement works.


Excellent, unfortunately it will not provide any stability to your build, unless you were to build on top of the pillar itself which would then make it not positioned in the corner, defeating the purpose. This is very sad and silly to me, I do wish Funcom would just add a corner snappoint and make all our lives easier.

But I’m glad it worked for you. This technique can be used with the vaulted ceilings in the Arena or Angrosean DLC to make some real nice looking interior pillars. Happy building!


If they do that, they have a half block overhang that would look good on a roof made for it.


But any tips? I liked that, thanks.

i to xD

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