AO Froobs Website Offline Forever


snarfblatt 8 points 18 hours ago

It’s been down a while. The forum software got out of date and stopped working on the host I use. I’ve thought to reach out to other AO sites like AOU to see if they wanted the content but I’ve been to busy to deal with it. If anyone knows the site managers there have them contact me if they are interested.

AO Froobs gone forever? AO Froobs Resurrected From the Dead - AO-Universe

I certainly hope snafblatt offers up his database to someone/anyone interested in archiving the info.


Would be awesome to have it fixed or at least accessible again without a waybackmachine.

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No kidding! Awesome!

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That would be truly amazing if someone could revive that site.

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Looks like AO Froobs will be back soon!

Site is back up again, woot:

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yay welcome back aofroobs :blush:


Back to the moderators cage for you!

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I can’t log in yet because I don’t remember my password and the recovery mail doesn’t get sent :blush: I’ll bug Snarf for that :innocent:

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Meanwhile I’m going on a little archiving spree to let the wayback machine archive some of the topics that I find particularly interesting, funny or otherwise worthwhile :blush: Feel free to join me :heart:

Woot this is a great news ! Congrats to Snarf, this was asked around a lot & since awhile, glad to see it’s back up :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what you’re doing. What I mean to say is we can request ARK to crawl and archive specific pages at AOFroobs? Doesn’t it do that already? I use ARK pretty often but I’m not a pro on available functions we can request of the ARK crawler? Does that make sense?

I’m down with saving things to ARK far more than loading things to Google Drive or Pinterest et cetera because I seriously dislike their unfettered and invasive company data mining models.

I started a tag Anarchy Online Community (hopefully to become an official ARK community). I think to qualify as a community a tag like that requires 50 uploads and maybe recognition granted by an ARK employee. Though I’m kind of unsure how it works. As an aside - I have no control over what gets added to the community tag, nor do i want any sort of control, or to act as a information gatekeeper.

For pure archival reasons I prefer not to use GitHub as a storage cache - It’s really more of a place for active code editing isn’t it?"Anarchy+Online+Community"

All people need to do is add “Anarchy Online Community” as upload author/creator and it is added to the page


I’m not thát great with either, so there may be better ways, but as far as I know I can’t request it to crawl the whole site.

If you go to, there’s an option “Save page now” where you can save a single URL.

Another option is just browing aofroobs through the archive, and whenever it doesn’t have a page you want read, it will offer you to archive it at that point.

Got my password reset :blush:

I’ve seen the ‘save page now’ link. Good grief, I can be pretty thick at times. I’ve been trolling through ebook texts via the Public Library of India and the filter setup can be many pages of unalphabetized tag words including filters for the same upper and low case words.

Grats on the remodding :stuck_out_tongue: My froob forum registration for Higain is stuck in the system and I’ve not received my confirmation email

When did you try it? If before a few hours ago, can you maybe try again?

I registered 2 days ago. No confirmation email as of yet. I can post there under another alias, but I’d like to make my AO fansite names to be uniform. So, in the scheme of things, this is kinda low priority.

The email was jacked but seems to be working now if you want to try again.

I manually activated your account there. You should be good to go.