AO music compilations

4 hours in 4 volumes (2 old revised and 2 new released) / Music : T. Linløkken, L. Willett, B.A. Lagim, M. Sørlie, Ayria / Artwork : N. Szlosek / 2017 production Compiled by Bitnykk with courtesy of Funcom

Video trailer :
Steam DLC :
FC’s FTP :

VOL. 01 :
Morning Star (Opening) 01:33 [Sørlie]*
Main Theme 03:27 [Lagim]
Omni-Tek Theme 04:51 [Sørlie]
Clan Theme 07:45 [Lagim]
Sand Dunes 05:07 [Lagim]
Majestic Omni-1 03:05 [Sørlie]
Omni-1, Night Vision 03:02 [Sørlie]
Omni-1, Inner Sanctum 04:48 [Linløkken]
Amongst the Trees 05:00 [Lagim]
Tir 04:07 [Lagim]
Battle Music 07:28 [Lagim]
Serene Mountain 06:23 [Sørlie]
Tricks and Treats (Ep. 1) 02:56 [Sørlie]
Subway (Bonus Track) 03:26 [Linløkken]

  • : extended game introduction

VOL. 02 :
Mighty Castle of Adonis 04:25 [Sørlie]
Spiritual Elysium 05:43 [Sørlie]
Gatekeeper 01:34 [Lagim]
Ancient Civilizations 02:32 [Sørlie]
Shadowland Battle Music (Remix) 06:43 [Sørlie]
Seascape 05:45 [Sørlie]
Blue Dots 05:26 [Linløkken]
Lord of the Void 06:27 [Sørlie]
Desert Dub 05:31 [Linløkken]
Lounging in Jobe 01:34 [Sørlie]*
Dungeon Dub 03:23 [Linløkken]
Ding 00:27 [Linløkken/Sørlie]
Clans Tribal Journey 07:39 [Linløkken]
Burning Bridges (Ep. 2) 06:23 [Sørlie]

  • vocals by J. M. Ulvøy

VOL.03 :
Alien Attack (Code 4178) 12:33 [Sørlie]
Main Theme (Remix) 04:56 [Lagim/Linløkken]
Land Control 02:20 [Lagim]
War on Notum 02:35 [Sørlie]*
Exploration 02:30 [Willett]
Mothership Horror 05:24 [Willett]
The Cup (Flimmer) 02:09 [Sørlie]
The Zimmer Epic (ARK Theme) 04:25 [Sørlie]
Redeemed 06:02 [Lagim]
Spectral Flower 02:55 [Linløkken]
Scheol Oasis 01:41 [Sørlie]
Reversal (Ep. 3) 03:45 [Sørlie]
Open Plains 06:03 [Lagim/Linløkken]
Omni-Teks Tribal Trip 05:55 [Linløkken]

  • guitars by S. Øvregaard

VOL. 04 :
Welcome to the ICC 11:22 [Linløkken]
Pandemonium 02:50 [Sørlie]
Mechs March (Battle Station) 03:48 [Willett]
Swamp Night 02:20 [Lagim]
Club Dub 02:10 [Linløkken]
Dungeon Madness 05:11 [Linløkken]
Atrox Trance 02:26 [Linløkken]
Death and Rebirth 05:18 [Lagim]
The Grind 08:01 [Ayria]*
Quiescent Grid 03:09 [Linløkken]
Dust to Dust (Ep. 4) 02:26 [Sørlie]
Smoky Jazz 02:16 [Sørlie/Linløkken]
Robots 06:50 [Sørlie]
Unredeemed 05:25 [Lagim]

  • : 1000 Transmissions, Bad List, Suck it up

(OP from march 2017 + bump)

I’m planning to make a new AO music compilation containing unpublished and/or forgotten pieces. I’ll update this thread as this project will go forward. But for this to be quite complete, i first wanted to check what got released already.

So far, i’ve managed to find only 2 out of 3 existing packages of AO Soundtracks on the web ; i gathered the 2 CDs of 2001 (= 25 different songs) but no way to get reach of an older “RK Music” collection consisting of 24 other tracks listed here by Phuriae :

Could anyone have it by chance - and able to ship it to me ?
Thanx a lot in advance for any help !

(to be continued …)


(Bump from end of march)

Just a quick bump after a (busy) week of websearch & audio-edition to shape this complementary compilation(s) - yes, there’s now a plural parenthesis, check below …

Started with 16 tracks [for approx 1 hour], the project grew a first time in the GridStream gardens : thanx to Gridfan’s NCUs, many of the RKM lost collection could be identified and 4 more tracks [for about 20 more minutes] joined the initial project’s playlist.

But there’s more after tonight !

One of the 3 original AO music composers, Morten Sørlie (wich also composed for Dreamfall, e.g.) nicely brought now-unfindable (!) and even un(-never-ever-)released (!!) materials that will make the project grow even more !

That also makes more work to be done, now possibly in coordination with original musician(s) to make sure the final result is totally loyal to what intended. And may be more musical rarities might appear from the darkness of years (read : dusty hard-drives ^_^) - who knows ?

In extreme case, the project might spawn into 2 new compilations to complement the 2 existing CDs most of you know. That’s still unsure at time of writing.

But i’ll indeed update this thread as the journey goes …

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(April 2017 bumps)

Few news of this week end :

  • the project playlist is, at the moment, of 23 tracks for about 1 h 47 minutes !
  • only 3 tracks are still missing from the old “RK Music” collection : “Backyard Jazz”, “Party Down” & “Sneack Attack” ; hope anyone will help about these …
  • another of the original music composer is about to check the project ; feedback (& may be more tracks, missing or new ?) highly expected :slight_smile:
  • on the advice of GridStream’s Gridfan, i’ve contact Ragnar Tørnquist in hope to have his feedback, eventually added to the compilation.

Next update incoming ASAP.


Quick report of the project state :

  • i’m glad to announce that all 3 original musicians are now involving into this ; they would provide feedback, eventually more lost or unreleased tracks ; i’m also corresponding with them & Funcom regarding the conditions of release (as proposed right under).
  • i’m now considering a double release consisting of both a FREE downloadable MP3 playlist (quality as constant 128 kbps, e.g.) + a PAID 4x CDs package (2 new release + 2 old re-edition) to cover about 4 hours of AO music.

Nothing’s decided for now, but it’s shaping to become an exciting result :slight_smile:
Next update as soon there are some news …


Today, here are 3 really exciting news on the project :

Volumes 3 & 4 in preparation were of 25 tracks, but there are few more incoming, so we might end up around 30ish pieces for nearly 2 unreleased musical hours. Beside this, CD quality sources got finally (re)discovered for all 4 volumes (including volumes 1 & 2 re-editions) ; an optimal sound enjoyment should be at our rendez-vous !

So that’s already 2 great news ; but there is 1 more, as promised : directly from its current CEO, Rui M.M. Casais, Funcom announced me they would support this initiative. I can’t detail anything right now as many aspects are indeed still being examined & decided, but this augurs an ideal situation for the release :slight_smile:

To conclude this report, if i may add on a more personnal level : i wouldn’t expect so much positiveness from everyone when i started this project few weeks ago. This is a thrill to see it happening, and very hard to have to wait (few) more time for sharing jewel vibes we’re (still) gathering for AO community & fans …

… so, see you soon for next informations - as they pop !

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(May 2017 bumps)

There we go for latest project’s news !

So the direction it seems to be going is a free DLC that will be made available through Steam directly on AO’s application page.
It would contain all 4 volumes (2 old re-edited + 2 new on preparation) in high-qual MP3 along with corresponding high-res artworks, still being worked by now, that would allow anyone wanting so to fufill their own CD(s) - at home or using a professional service.
Even though not finalized yet, here is a preview of what it might look alike

There’s no date yet decided for release, as some elements are still being worked or examined, but ideally the next AO anniversary would seem ideal … let’s cross fingers :wink:

Some more news ASAP !


This report brings us closer than ever to project completion !

First news : its validated title will be “Anarchy Online Music Collection”. Second news : 7 new tracks of top quality were added to the project & most of the previous we had were improved upto CD quality also. Last excellent news : Leon Willett also joined the project & should bring 2 more tracks improvements (& may be a new one …) within this week.

We’re very near finish line & then, the last step would be to finalize the playlists & artworks (including a note) for each of the 4 volumes.

So, next report should be the ultimate, hoped to unveil the playlists … and a surprise bonus :slight_smile:


Endly, here comes the last report for this project ! I got some pretty cool news :

  • the 4 volume final playlists are now being displayed on top original post edited for clarity, so check upper if you’re curious
  • each volume artwork features a few words from one of the musicians (M. Sørlie, T. Linløkken, B.A. Lagim or L. Willett)
  • electro band Ayria joined in for a special track, related to famous ICC club The Grind, that is shipped within vol. 4
  • all files (music & artwork) got finalized & provided to Funcom’s Communication Manager ; Steam release is imminent …

… also, i promised a surprise in previous report, so here it is : the video trailer of the collection !
The link is so feel free to enjoy & share around :wink:

My best regards to the present/past/future community of AO.

[End of transmission]


(January 2018 bump)

Wish everyone the best for 2018 !

4 volumes are now available on youtube :

Or to be played all together in a 4h playlist :


Thanks again for doing this. It was worth the effort.

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Maybe you could use as a trusted permanent backup site? If archive org goes down, that would literally mean the Internet has failed.

They host everything you’ve listed, and do so for free.