Getting more out of beautifull AO music

Hey all Rubi-Ka’ns!

I found AO soundtrack in steam and was amazed its full of aesthetic brialliant scifi music i was not aware of, i would like to tweak the game engine or some .ini file so that music occurrance in game would be much plentier and there would possibly be more of the songs , anybody perhaps know how to do this using .ini or cfg file ?

I can ofc listen them from outside source, but it would be better experience to let the game handle the music for me.

Any tips where to look would be a appreciated!


I’ve participated to gather the 4 volumes of AO music collection you found on steam.
Without too much detail, the composers that i could reach (to get original and unpublished tracks for this projet) did produce files that got cut in slices for the game to trigger with specific parameters and interactivity.

Therefore what i can tell you is those slices are within your install drive in path like X:\Funcom\Anarchy Online\cd_image\sound\music\env
Each slice pack has its own folder and often some subfolders.

As far as i know, there’s now easily editable text/conf file to be modified that would allow you to replace originally triggered sound.
But you may eventually overwrite those files in folders/subfolders mentionned upper.
You may also manually play some specific custom files as explained here How to play soundeffects • AO-Universe

Yet i’m unsure you could obtain what you’d want exactly.
Hope this answer still helped :wink:

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