Looking for copies of Anarchy Online soundtrack vol 1, 3 and 4 PST!

Hey there AO fans :smile:

Over the years I have collected all the Anarchy Online memorabilia I could find online. So far I have:

  • Anarchy Online Special Edition Unopened
  • Anarchy Online Original Version big box with the official guidebook inside (unopened)
  • Shadowlands boxed version
  • Notum Wars boxed version
  • Alien Invasion boxed version (unopened)
  • Prophet without Honour novel
  • Cybex official guide book (comes with the big box version mentioned before)
  • Soundtrack Vol 2
  • AO Gaming mouse-mat

Spent a fair penny over the years building this collection and I’m very happy with it! The only things i’ve yet to get are the rest of the hard copies of the AO soundtrack. IF anyone would be willing to sell me them can you please get in contact as I’d be more than happy to buy them. I’ll post a picture of the collection when a couple of those items arrive in the mail :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Someone has compiled them on YT Just search Anarchy Online Music compilation :wink:

Limited numbers have been hard-printed back in 2017, mainly for the composers themselves. Now in 2021, i really doubt you can put hands on those anymore.
But the MP3 release is still accessible in Steam, prolly also in Funcom FTP, and as Caloss said in YT plus other webspaces :wink:

I’m a collector too (posters and osts, mainly) congrats on all of your findings so far! I’m afraid I can’t help with the soundtracks. Vol 1 has been a rare for many years now. Didn’t even know vols 3 and 4 existed at all.

Good luck there!

I wonder if many more fans would like to see this collection reedited in physical CD.
Otherwise you got official FTP : Directory index - styled with h5ai