Oasis of calm Soundtrack

Hello everyone

Of all the music of the game oasis of calm has the full attention of my interest.

Does Funcom has a online store where I buy the music collection of the game which it has also the oasis of calm in ?

to my knowledge a collector CD was available but for the moment the album can be listened to here for example:
Conan Original Soundtrack

I was hoping that there was a online shop cuz I wanted buy the collection and to listen to that sound track as a legit mp3 file to any device of mine with out the use of internet and with out Spotify either.

I understand… I visited an online sales site, the album is available in Mp3, if buying through this organization does not pose a problem for you

Album Mp3 Here…

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Is this link from Funcom 's online store?

The link is from Amazon.
You only get it as an original CD with the collectors box.

But I’ve read that you only want it as an MP3.

Amazon is perfect for that.

Have a nice day Bounded One.

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@GodsOfExiles. Thanks for sharing Amazon Link. I have already ordered the original CD.

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