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As a Twitch affiliate who only streams AoC, I want to help grow the AoC Streaming community and since I have a pretty decent following, I would like to help fellow streamers grow their channels. So if you plan to stream AoC for the saga event or even beyond it, Or if you want to get into streaming AoC In general and don’t even plan to play on saga, post your stream links here and I’ll add you to my channels “auto host list”, which basically means your stream could be featured on my channel for my viewers when I’m not streaming. One random channel from my list will be chosen at any given time to be hosted. This means more viewers for you!

I would ask you do the same for me in return but I wont demand it of you.

I play during US prime time (usually 5pm est and onward) so this is a good opportunity for EU streamers to grow as I have a sizable Eu audience. But also Us streamers because I don’t play every single night.

See more info about auto hosting here.

My main stream can be found at Twitch

I also stream simultaneously on other platforms such as
Youtube Live,,, and Steam Live.

This multi streaming capability is made possible thanks to Restream

So post your stream links here if you want to get in on this. This offer is available to everyone.

Streamers list

Pulssse Gaming
Achreen TV

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Great streams!


Thanks Spread Very cool!


Spread put my youtube channel there, Twitch and stuff doesn’t save my videos after awhile. SO Youtube is what I use!


Wanted to add some additional AoC streamers.

This is my channel. I’ve streamed off and on in the past, but have recently started streaming regularly again. I stream T6 and T5 raids during US prime time.

Stream is German/English and during EU prime time. He streams T6 and T5 raids.

Streamer is Korean but knows English as well.


Man, i was planning to start my streaming career with AoC but sadly my laptop is quite old and wouldn’t be able to handle it. But once i get a good enough system and get my streaming rolling, i will be sure to contact you.