Question about a CC Program

Just wondering if AoC has a content creator program like many other games, that teams up with streamer, tuber, bloggers and the like to help promote the game and if so where would I look at prehaps requested to join it?

Thank you for any help anyone can send my way.

No such program exists here. Funcom isn’t keen on promoting this game as it’s in maintenance mode and is no longer actively being developed. Maybe there’s one for exiles? :man_shrugging:

On the other hand, if you stream AoC, you’ll be the top AoC streamer instantly. So there’s that.

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Yes, I have started streaming AoC on my channel on twitch as I have only just found the game in the past mouth and I have enjoyed AoC very much and will contiue to stream it and promote the game. I just hope Funcom does not get upset about that LOL!

Thank you so much for the information,

If you have quetion about this I would suggest that you DM @AndyB maybe he can help

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Unlikely as Funcom has no such program

Not a program like this in special but maybe they can help

You can’t be serious. What makes you think that they would bother with such a thing? Funcom doesn’t care about this game… Get it through your head man!

@MyStygga what are you smoking tonight bro? Puff puff pass

Quotes exist for a reason :wink: