AoC UI installer error

I have been using a custom UI (enhanced default one to be precise), i had problems after last update. Some proposed to install UI again, tried to but then i get this message from UIinstaller :

‘’ An error occurred while trying to install the UI
Access to the ‘README.txt’ is denied. ‘’

I checked my GUI folder, i have one folder called default and one called customized in there. Customized folder is empty apart from the README text document. I am curretly thinking of going back to default UI but a bit too used to play with extra bar for years it may take a while to get used to new settings.
Should i have more in that folder? And is there anything i can do to fix that error?


Sounds like the custom gui data is missing. Do you have the original zip file?

I would try reinstalling it and clicking patch.

I got a new version of it, the one that is supposed to be the latest one, whenever i try to install i get that message. I do click patch but does nothing