AoE Repair or regenerating buildings

so yeah I’ve been raided a few times and well… I’ve spent more than 2 hour repairing my base and its not even half done! and its allot of small damages but then theres one thats super damaged! and I missed it and now I lost my castle tower. I got resources! I can repair this! I can even pay double or tripple the resources just let me repair my whole base! make the hammer repair like 5x5 area or build a station that regenerates building blocks hp over time when enough resources is placed. but I can’t keep hammering my base like this!



I believe this could be a good idea… assuming it is prevented during combat… it is just stupid to have to tear out blocks to fully repair your base when every attack can go through and hit multiple blocks… a nice “repair bench” with a carpenter on it to passively repair all connected blocks would be awesome (with material use of course!)


I would also love that. I accept expensive price of repairment in exchange for making this possible.
In real conditions you cannot break second layer without destroying the first layer, but in Conan Exiles you can damage building pieces behind something else which is not destroyed yet.

This would be a nice addition to the game. Just make it double as a crafting station for the parts as well. So you could fill it with materials, and they would use it to repair the base, but you could also go into it and tell it to craft 100 foundation blocks too.

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