AoW thrall nerf =zombie ascendance?

So last night I created a beserker zombie and the thing has over 10K HP (roughly 10+ extra vitality) and over 100 damage/ hit. It can definitely hold it’s own against a 3skull spider and Jhil boss. So that got me thinking…why waste the time leveling thralls if you can just knock them out and zombify them? Heck for that matter just break them but throw them in the grave. The rate of conversion is low to 1 hour without TM assistance. So fill the grave up and let them sit until needed. I need to play with it more but these things are actually doing well. Even without armor or authority. I can’t image what will happen when I get the trio actually rocking.

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I think this worked better in AoS. But I haven’t ran Zombies in a little while.

While a Zombie can hit 10-12k health. A leveled up thrall’s effective HP is going to be a tad higher from Armor. This kinda gets mitigated by things with higher armor pen though.

In either case… the Arena Champion will eat both in a few hits. :grin:

The great thing about Zombies is their expendable nature. If you lose one, its no skin off your back to just raise another.

Exactly. I hear all this vested work in thralls so I’m trying the exact opposite for a long term solution

I would find zombies a blast if I was 12.
Zombies, yay!

But I’m not 12.
And games with zombies abound. Thralls? No. Those are unique to Conan, afaik.

I think I’ll pass.


Of course…best to get thralls and play brutal barbie like adults


Exactly. Much better, @erjoh . Have fun with your zombies. :smile:

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I’m all for that. It’s fun.

I don’t know where this image is originally from, but picked it up when I saw someone post it on the forums:
I’d totally buy one of these.


And how many zombies can you drive with you now? It used to be like three.

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Just tested:

Without War Party, 3 zombie followers.

With War Party, 4 zombies (it is indeed +1 follower, and not double the amount, which would have been ridiculous)

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And they can still be given weapons and armor?

I don believe so @Teng .
Devs fixed that.

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Besides that…they are zombies! What part of expendable are you missing? Why waste good gear on something destined to die? If one dies, pull another out of the grave. boom insta level 20 beast. If they are deadeyes, then you don’t have to worry long about that one. The amount of time to worry about them is just knockout the thralls and either dragging them to the grave or, in my case, drag them to the local obelisk I made with a gibbet inside to break them so I can inventory them later.

And this is logical. :sunglasses:

Because i rarely lose thralls? and if i did , im right there to pick up their gear and put it on another one.

Ive got stockpiles of high end thralls way more than the cap for the server.

So i dont need zombies.

Still waiting for Zombie worker thralls.

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