Aquilionian not damaged by gods = pay to win

Aquilionian is pay to win . You cannot damage it via gods. Just used a set god on a base made out of it and it did 6k total damage… It does 55k a hit vs black ice. Very disappointed with this… Please fix your game !!!

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I think you meant to post this in Conan Exiles.

Age of Conan is a seperate and older game.

Yeap sorry thought I was in that forum

This is conan exiles forum

Hi all :slight_smile:
“pay to win” was not the intention of that DLC im pretty sure.

A bug would be my guess lol
Don’t rant but report it, if it does not get fixed eventually go rant. :slight_smile:

And yes , should not happen,it’s not an EA game anymore and lots goes very wrong, but hey, there we are stuck in the middle, we better try to cope if we love the game enough,or just give up.

Its dissapointing to spend days farming a Set god on offical to destroy a base that has been bothering us only to have it do less than an explosive jar. They push the dlc while continually breaking the game. Servers are a ghost town on Xbox because of the poor performance, Stability and numerous game breaking bugs. Ive had it about with this game. Others pushing for refunds via xbox due to inability to play mine is playable but barely and its annoying to no end.

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Here I think the interview with Firespark might clear some things up as Just click on part one and then Two if you want to hear the full interview.


Yes, but we do not sync, my reaction was as a reader and poster, knowing the context of the reactions and posts about this subject., wich has been a subject several times inhere.

You are right in your own perspective, but when you would be informed better you would maby title it as “A bug”

My point is that it’s a bit short to Title it “Pay to win” as we know that’s not the case inhere.

have a fine day!

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If you buy the dlc and use it your unble to be avatar attacked. That is pay to win gods already useless outside of Set if its unable to do damage you have a distinct advantage… So essentially it is pay for massive advantage til they fix it. it might gwt fixed but based on the gods being broken since launch I would not hold my breath.

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Why don`t you try opening a suggestions topic about increasing the Gods attack power as I think I remember hearing about they nerfed the gods attack power due to some people saying it was OP (even though their Gods they are suppose to be OP in my opinion) though of course I could be wrong.

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