Aquilonian DLC Gear not affected by T3 Thralls

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [East Coast]

Started playing Conan again after I saw the Jewel of the West DLC because I thought it looked really cool. Joined server 2736, and started my grind to get the Aquilonian Infantry armor. I got it, and kept going through the tiers until I reached steel. Traveled across the desert with rawhide rope and dragged a tier 3 armorer and blacksmith thrall to my wheel of pain. Started to get excited because I wanted the increased vitality on the Infantry armor. I immediately noticed that the weapons and armor sets weren’t available to be made into Exceptional. I asked on the reddit, and people say that T4 thralls work with flawless DLC stuff. As a solo it would be hard for me to get a T4, especially since on Xbox the Sepermeru uspawns aren’t working.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Buy DLC
  2. Grind
  3. Capture Tier 3 Armorer/Blacksmith
  4. Notice no DLC stuff

I can confirm that T4 armorers do infact make perfected DLC armors. Depending on your level, which I’m going to take a whack at and say you arent 50-60 yet, the Black galleon and the Den are both easy to solo and have an alright spawn rate for names thralls. I use a baiting technique to pull 2 or 3 adds at a time, pull them back, then use a spear to stun and CC. Until you either find someone to help you, or are able to go through on your own, you could always put some normal or thick armor linings on the standard infantry set and it may help until you can get to the T4 armorers. Hope that helped some :slight_smile:

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