Aquilonian furniture not showing up in table

Last night all the aquilonian furniture was showing up in the table, now it is not.

Mine show up. That’s strange… did you try restoring your licenses? I’ve seen them bug out in some games. I remember having to do this for one of the Walking Dead season passes before it let me download the next episode.

I havent but Iv had this happen with other craftables and they show back up a day or 2 later, so it has to be a bug they find and fix, also I seen them fix bugs and it makes something else bug out.

True, though this could be an isolated case, which makes it even harder to nail down. Are you on single player, official, or dedicated server?

Official, I just checked and none of the dlc craftables are showing in any of the tables but all the building pieces are.

Did you filter it by accident?

Nope, it was the same in single player, I logged back in and their showing up now but the game is doing that thing again where I log in and the screen stays dark for about 15 seconds, it flicker a few seconds after that

That sounds more like you’re having problems with things loading. Have you tried to reinstall the game?

I never had any problems with the until the age of scorery update

Loading is definitely an issue post-3.0 and they’re well aware of it. I’m on ps5 and it’s still bad. Compound that with stuff like sorcery effects and transportory stone effects, plus the usual wear and tear of the server. On ps5, it was just fine prior to the update. Then it broke. It’s gotten gradually better with the last few patches, but still pretty bad by comparison to before.

The updates didn’t really fix anything that I saw but a week after the last update things started getting fixed, I’m not sure how computers read the codes but it seems the computer uses the codes in the updates to fix itself over time. I just wish they’d fix that annoying climbing bug where you can’t hardly get on walls and foundations and when you do, you usually jump over it, that’s been in the game for almost a year. I would say the most annoying bugs that 3.0 brought have been fixed, my game was crashing so bad at times I couldn’t even take a step, it hasnt crash any in about the last 2 weeks.

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