Arch Priest of Derketo and how to get one now?

No luck at all with Surges finding an Arch Priest of Derketo. Which Surge and what Lvl Surge would be best to use now?

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Lemurian surge would be your best bet. Tier three or four may have Derketo Priests/Priestesses spawn.

How do u get a T3 or 4 Surge? It’ll only take 10 hardened steel for me. What/how do I put those other items into Altar like Eldarium (in whatever state). And which Surge is Lemurian?

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Here is a guide for surges. Reddit - Dive into anything

And a video for summoning Surges.

I saw somewhere that this Guide needs to be updated?? As mentioned before, I can’t place anything in that Altar except Hardened Steel Bars. So, then how do I up the Tier levels and how do I even know which Tier I am on? Which Surge will bring out the Lemurians?

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