Finding a priest that I cannot seem to find

I cannot find Derketo Priest anyone know a location

Derketo Shrine in the jungle. Can spawn at the various bon fires near the trainer.

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Right here

Be advised, you can only get lvl 1-3 there. Named are purge only

That’s not entirely correct. You are able to score a tier 4 priest of Derketo on the map without a Purge. Other priests this is indeed the case, but Derketo and Jhebbal Sag it isn’t.

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Col didnt know that, back to the palace I go

Thanks all got one on my first trip to the place It was named also

@Multigun solved it.

FYI, it also a good place to get named armorer if you have the DLC (her special armor is not one of my favorites), as well as named blacksmith, named carpenter, named cook, named tanner, named smelter, and very rarely a named alchemist. There are 2 named fighters and 2 named Archers as well, but really only good for RP or PVE servers, or meat shields on PVP raid servers.

Well it’s the only place you can get Lemurian thralls outside of a purge, so it makes sense that there’d be a lot of possible named spawns there. If there were more Lemurian camps then I’d expect that the named spawns would be a little more spread out.

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