Archers thralls do not damage mounted plaers

Server Type: Single player non-dedicated running on Windows 10 PC
Game mode: PVP
Mods: Pippi
Was on a horse other player had a fully leveled archer thrall and it was attacking me. I was not taking any damage nor was the horse taking any damage or endurance damage. We tried multiple arrows and bows. It was like I was in god mode and I was not. The other player could hit me and damage me and any arrows shot by the archer thrall that left an AOE damaged me but only the AOE. So the poison caused me to take both damage and endurance damage. However, when the thrall shot and explosive arrow the explosion did not damage me but the fire on the ground did both health and endurance damage.
I also want to add that building damage was on and I was using default settings for full PVP. I think that is everything if you need any more info please let me know. I also have video footage if you would like that please let me know. If anyone can test this on an official pvp server that would be awesome.


Great find hopefully someone playing on an official will jump on this one as well.

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Hello @Firespark81, welcome to the forums!

We’ve registered this behavior for the developers to look into, thank you for taking the time to share it with us.


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