Archers thralls

I placed some archers on top of my building. When purge come - they run down(( how could I say them - hold position?

Remove their ability to move away from the edge. Fences.

It may sound abusive to your Thralls, but placing archers on little platforms without a path down and with good sightlines is the best way to use Archer Thralls.

I like to think that the Thralls have the same climbing abilities as the player, but don’t use said ability in front of the player. So the thrall is on guard duty until you are away, then they do their own things.

Tactics would be more useful if the Thralls were given AI packets to govern behavior.


This, Place them in places they can not get down from. And they will pew pew pew.
1-2 foundations high. To high, they wont fire as much.
No fences. (they can’t walk off)

Console anyway, Any higher, they tend to not fire as well.

i like to place my tralls in towers then shut the doors they dont’ run down as the ai in this game is a joke npc can’t climb or open doors so if there is no path to enemy they stay put and fire

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