Archers use power shot 1 in 100 times?

I have been out with a named archer thrall and while they use the leg cripple shot repeatedly, to no effect on critters, they only use the power shot one in 100 times it seems. I gave them 100 star metal arrows and they only fired one power shot before running out. I was watching for it as best I could. You can hear it too usually.

Well, just seems like this is their most effective shot and they are a full named archer. Wouldn’t they be using the power shot more?

as an archer I didn’t use it a lot other then to start combat, guess ti makes sense for thralls to not use it a lot, cripple shot though is something I use non stop as an archer. After all if it can’t reach me, then it can’t hurt me. As an archer though I always had melee help, normally just a pet, but recently have used thralls a little more.

Thralls of different tiers and fractions will very a teir 1 thrall is less likely to use full combo set or power shot than a 4 but it also random to a since if you try again that
One may do half and half it’s mostly random give or take

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