Archery server side arrow confiramtion should gone

Dear devs, please, fix archery (arrow) flight…
atm archery is server side. Server should confirm that arrow is start her fly, or it will not shoot. It will be consumed but not start the “attack”.
On live servers it is make archers totally unplayable due the ping…With 20 ping there is almopst not problem, but with 80+ u had a delay between u release mouse key and arrow really start “attac”. When ping is jumping (as we know there is impossible to have stable ping in Conan exiles at all, excep local server with no players online) arrows attack is totally random and arrows can go thought the player who stand still. Some times u did 5 shots and no hits…

Current projectile logic is:

  1. Client: i shoot an arrow
  2. Server: PING DELAY hm, let me check. Yes, you shot
  3. Client: I HIT HIM!!!
  4. Server: PING DELAY Do you? I have not saw that…sorry, try again later…
  5. Client: OK :sob:

Sometimes on step #2 you have such answer: Server: PING DELAY hm, no, you did not attack at all, sorry, try again later and ask me to check!


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Oh, yes, Melee do not have sych logic. If clinet said - i hit. server confirm that. Server even ignore fact, that target can be stay in shield (blocking), and attacker do not see it (invisible shield). Or if target will be hitten by invisible weapon of attacer

its rly is problem. melee weapons can just attack and if on their screen they hit - its always do dmg. so this mechanic give advantage for guys with big ping like 200-400 when they fight vs normal player with 30-70 ping… but ok - all have this mechanic… except archers. archer can play only with low ping. but we know that conan cant have ping like this in RT. so why not do same for archers?

Is this a PvP complaint? Because I’ve experienced nothing at all like this on any PvE server I’ve played on, including my own.

yes its only in pvp

No, it is same for PvE aswell, just PvE servers has less ping jumps and fps drops

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