ARCTURUS-Conan Exiles RP/PVP server for PS4/PS5

- ROLEPLAY PVP SERVER FOR PS4/5 - Come and check out our Roleplay server on PS4! Whether you’re a beggar, thief, warrior or Queen - will you rise to leave a legacy on the exiled lands?

∎ Regularly updated RP map with public builds!
∎ Realistic looking building rules to keep immersion and no offline raiding!
∎ Lore focused character creation and race advantages/disadvantages
∎ Admin-run trade hub/city with levelling help for new players
∎ Weekly Events; Arena, Horse Racing, Marathon, Labyrinth and more
∎ Friendly mods/admin team who always happy to help

Come and join the Discord and take a look if we’re the server you want to call home; Discord