Arcturus- Conan Exiles RP/PVP server on ps4

Greetings, Exile.

Are you looking for an active Conan Exiles RP server for the ps4/5? Arcturus is the right place for you! With an active and bustling playerbase filled with competent and experienced rolplayers, a good ruleset and above official xp and harvest rates. Currently Chapter 4 of the Servers story is underway, so right now is the best time to join in the action. I hope to see you there!

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Yo me and 2 of my buddies are just looking for a good active pop server if you wouldnt mind giving a code :grin:

Haha I looked at this a bit too late… But for what its worth here is the link to the discord. ARCTURUS - ROLEPLAY CONAN SERVER (PS4)