Are console commands possible on PC gamepass CLOUDPLAY?


I have been looking for an official answer for months and months now. I tried to email funcom multiple times as my last resort but obviously i did not get a response. i get it, who am i to email them about something nobody can answer concretely? This is something i cant find on the internet. I made one of these post a while ago and i do appreciate i got one response but it was the same ol “not sure” situation i have gotten from the beginning. 3rd party programs or whatever you call them like the awsd program does not work. Is there really nobody who has tried to play admin on PC gamepass CLOUDPLAy and use console commands? How am i supposed to run a server legit if i have to fly to look for everybody? Thats one of many issues with this situation. Not everybody can have a xbox so im stuck in a hard place. Even though its funcom, i have a hard time believing they let a oversight like this happen. Please anybody … if you have more information than “not sure” i would be very very appreciative.

Cloud stream is for the xbox version, not pc. Even when streamed on pc, it is the xbox version being streamed. Console commands are not available unless you install the pc version.

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Yes i understand that it is the xbox version. i dont know if you know this but on xbox you can hook up a keyboard to do the commands. This is what im talking about.

I’ve done the cloud streaming on pc and it doesn’t accept input from a mouse or keyboard. It’s restricted to controller only

Yes, this is what i am trying to figure out. The keyboard input works on the windows for names for thralls etc, but im sure that is through another system. it doesnt even need to be a legit way to do it, im fine with any way to go about it. I understand what you are saying, Thank you for your feedback and help i appreciate it.

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