Are Purge Thralls Still Superior to their Non-Purge Namesakes?

So much has changed in this game that I’m not sure what’s still valid on the Wiki anymore. Does anyone know if named thralls from Purges are still superior to thralls of the same name you can find running around on the map outside of Purges? I ask because I “befriended” a Frigga Falsehope from a Purge, and I don’t see any difference in stats compared to the Frigga Falsehope my friend captured from Sinner’s Refuge way at the beginning of our playthrough. Am I just missing something? Or are only certain Purge thralls better than your run-of-the-mill exiled thralls?

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I have not been able to compare named Thralls from purges to their non-purge version. All purge Thralls I have found so far are different to those I have found working around.
I can only tell you that, for example, my Lone Fisherman caught in Sepermeru knows one extra recipe compared to purge cooks I have recruited.

As far as I know, there will not be two different versions of a named thrall. So Frigga Falsehope is going to have the same stats whether she comes during a purge or spawns in the wild.

True purge thralls ONLY spawn with a purge. But named thralls can spawn that are not purge only.

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Some Purge thralls used to craft faster and have additional recipes but I am pretty sure that they now just do the same as their Exiled/Siptah equivalents.

As @Tuffman said, if a thrall has the same name then it is usually the same thrall regardless of where it spawns.

Fighters and following thralls are definitely the same, here’s a list of literally all of them with their stats:
Wasn’t sure about crafters, I know that they made effort to make them the same as regular ones so I just checked how that’s looking.
Crafters are pretty much identical as well, the only difference I can see is that the Purge cooks, tanners and smelters seem to have a slightly increased crafting speed and the Purge cooks have the the recipes of the Lone Fisherman except for the spicy dried fish combo. (regular Tier 4 cooks have roughly half the amount of special recipes as a purge one).
Other than that the rest are identical to their non-purge counterparts.

Yes, because the Lone Fisherman is its own category, it is the best cook in the game :slight_smile:


There is no benefit to capturing purge thralls anymore. Last year when Funcom made the crafting changes (adding in the new benches) it made the extreme vast majority of thralls useless.

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