Purge thralls special mark/name

Hello again, next suggestion is about Thrall differences in they names. I played on official servers, and found out that there is no difference visible between Purge and just T4 thralls… Like i had purge where i knocked out and “tamed” Manos the Handful But i have 3 of them, 2 just named, 1 purge… basically i cant find the Purge one anymore because names are identical to all 3… i know thatthere is 300% bonus speed to purge one but thats not helping…

So my suggestion:

  1. How about that all Purge thralls when converted recieve something that helps to see that they are Purge example of manos - Manos The Handful § , where P means he is purge thrall

2) Add opinion to rename ALL purge thralls while they are in wheel of pain, to be easier after convertion find them…


Also remove normal thralls to appear in purges! Makes no sense at all…

You have to be lucky to get a purge with humans and then you get the same worker thrall without any purge-benefits… That just sucks.

Well , as jot29 mentionned , you can have regular (non purge) thralls spwan in purge , and even if you caught it in a purge , it’s will be the exact same thrall as the non purge ones , meaning that your “purge” manos will not have the 300% bonus you would like him to have . you can chek out the list of all T4 thralls on the gamepedia conan exiles wiki , thralls that can spwan in purge only will have the intended bonuses , not the others . also there is a interactive map that can show you purge types depending on the location you built in .

OKay , but how to know if they are purge or not? they are bigger from others or how? I got one Purge cook he has special recipes but he looks like other thralls…

On the conan exiles wiki , you can sort by ’ locations ’ , all the purge thralls will have purge in this column (the ones with purge + ‘map’ are not considered as purge thrall ) , then you can start to memorize the names of said thralls , or check it out as you capture them , they are not different in physiques once tamed . but their names will tell you if they are purge thralls or not

(ps for the memorize part , it’s maybe better to memorise the names of non purge thralls since they are fewer in numbers . but it can be misleading since some purge thralls can have a very close name ( but not the same “job” ) like taris the ravenous ( is a purge cook ) but tarris leatherbinder ( is a normal armorer ) both are named Tar®is and this can be sometimes missleading )

Readed that wiki 5 times, then i got it… but explaining this could be easier than it is in game or wiki

"In purge only those who spawn in purge and nowhere else is purge thralls, all others named thralls who share location somewhere on map are normal T4 thralls , and to easier find purged ones - they are bigger in size than other thralls "

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