Purge thrall question

I just recently started playing on a private server with purge disabled…Do purge thralls get put into the normal RNG when its disabled? Like can I get one at random from the normal spawn points. I would believe no but I’ve gotten some different named ones on this server compared to what I normally have gotten in the past on my official server…(almost 4000 hrs) and I’m a thrall crack head so I have many.

I think the “purge” t4 thralls only spawn from a purge and are not in the spawn table when purge is disabled.
But somebody more with more play time might know more than I. =)

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From the CEWiki, some purge thralls can spawn both in spawn points on the map and in a Purge. But they’re few. Look at the thrall page in the CEWiki and expand each thrall categories to find which one are purge who spawn on the map and where.

But If they are found normaly, do they count as purge thralls?

I don’t know.

Ty all

As far as I know purge thrills have chance of regular and special types so for instance t4 alcamist in purge are the only ones to contain white and black dye also the have 300% to 400% crafting speed and special crafts available where others don’t but thralls that are rare may only be available to purge only hopes that helps

As in, can they make special equipment only available from Purge thralls? No. It’s actually kind of the opposite: they are “normal” T4 Thralls who can also appear as part of a Purge.

From what I’ve found, only the Darfari Witch Doctor, who is a regular spawn at the Summoning Place, can make Purge-only dyes, but I haven’t found an armorer or blacksmith in the world who could craft Purge-only gear. (My collection is still missing a few of the new thralls, so I can’t say this is 100 % accurate - but it is likely to be the case.)


The witch doctor who spaws at summoning place in front of yog shrine, has same recipes as a purge alchemist… u can normally farm him


Same thrall from in the wild vs in purge, no difference

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