I wonder about purge thralls and new update!

So I am pretty sure I heard in one of the recent live streams that with the new Thrall leveling update that there would no longer be named purge thralls.

So I wonder what happens to the named purge Crafting thralls that we need to get for some of the recipes that only purge thralls can make??

I have not read or seen any news that advise us on how they are going to handle those thralls in the update other then we will have to get new thralls to replace them as they will be worth 0. So will the special purge thralls be the same with the chance of good or bad stats?

Seems not quite right as why roll the dice you already rolled it when you were lucky enough to have a purge thrall show up to begin with.

There will still be named Purge Thralls. You are probably thinking of the quote where they said Purge Thralls won’t necessarily be stronger then typical Tier 4 map thralls, though they may adjust that later.


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Besides, the update doesn’t affect crafting thralls, so your purge blacksmith will be as good as he/she was before the update.

Good to hear as wondered how they would handle that part of the game . Thank you.

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