Are the chats bugged?

Moved to hotel for a few days and when I log into game the chats don’t work. Not any of them.
At home they were all working fine. Is this hotel network or is it bugged from Funcom?
Everythong else in game works as it should.

i would say network issue if everything else is fine.
or the chat server had an issue, but when it happens, reloging fixes it.

Guess it is an network issu. Relogging don’t help and the server down time yesterday didn’t help wither.
Guess I’ll use chat again when I get home on Saturday :slight_smile:

Yea it’s separate from the game servers so it can happen (might be the same IP but certainly a different port). A VPN can be used to work around it. I had a friend who used to have this issue with his home connection quite often so I let him use my VPN and that always solved it - unless the chat server was down for everyone, of course.

My friend, it could be your hotel has the ports for the chat server blocked. If this is the case and they do not also block VPN’s that could bypass this but at great cost to your network performance.

It’s totally possible to have a VPN that has no negative impact and possibly even a positive one - it’s not the same thing as a proxy. But for that you have to pay, or make one yourself if you have a server hosted somewhere.

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