I cant connect to game without vpn

hello…, i had never problem with my internet connection and the game… i dont remember when and how , but one day i log in the game and couldnt play… So , i can only play with vpn (but i dont prefer it because if i have game discord or some else program i lag)… My question is… is this problem from my internet and i should check it from there or is something else and how i can fix this?

If you can’t play without a VPN then yes it’s purely an internet provider issue on your side.

I don’t know why that would cause issue with other things though, but maybe it’s a free/cheap VPN that doesn’t have the best servers so can’t handle all the traffic at once.

I had this problem too and only changing my internet provider helped. Try to log in with some other internet connection, your cellphone or from some relatives-friends connection with different internet provider. If you can log in from those other internet connections, then you maybe have some kind of problem with your home internet connection. I don’t know what this problem really is but i think it’s some kind of communication problem from your internet providers server to the Funcom server. Anyway, i changed my internet provider and now it works. Unfortunately it seems to be the only quick solution to this problem.

Ya, using a VPN is basically the same thing as changing your internet provider, from the point of view of every server you connect to.

Not sure if it works but you can try to set your router/ interface DNS to google /

Changing my internet provider can be a hassle, especially if I’m under contract. I’m actually already using a VPN, but perhaps I could try using a proxy server instead?

Sounds like an ISP or game server issue. Before switching providers, maybe try an individual proxy for game access. I’ve used proxies before, and they’ve helped in similar situations.

You can get an individual one from proxys.io. Set up your browser and try entering the game. It should solve the problem.

same for me, can’t play without using a VPN since sept.13th…

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If you are otherwise happy with your provider, contact them. They can fix it very easily but you need to reach out to the right person who understands what’s going on. It’s a peering issue, which is to say a routing between different internet service providers (yours, and Funcom’s and potentially others in between especially if you are not in the USA)