How to solve problems with authentication with Character server?

Hello, i’ve been asking help about this in the past and it was solved by using a VPN, but i want to know if there is another way, because free VPNs kind off suck.

So here is the thing, when i login to the game and a choose a character to play and click “play”, most of the time the game just fail the authentication with chracter server. Back then i just couldn’t play at all. Now with a VPN this doesn’t happen, i play normally as i was used to, but slow bandwidth and limited gametime is very annoying so i tried to login once without the VPN, and to my surprise, it worked! except that when i tried to move from one map to another (KK to NG, or anywhere to RF, OS, etc) the game would kick me out and fails the authentication again.

I tried to send a report to Funcom via E-mail but in the technical support option they linked 3 troubleshoting option insted of the text box to send my report. and i found something that i thought would be usefull, port forwarding.

I did that with no success, i can log in play in the map i’m currently on but if i try to move to another place the game disconects.

I believe many people are having troubles with this kind of problem, i don’t know if it’s the same, but it would be nice to share some ideas on how can we fix this, what is causing this problem?

Someone once said that disabling ipv6 could solve the problem but that left me unable to use internet, lol.

If you have issues authenticating try running running this in a shell : netsh interface ipv4 delete destinationcache

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Thank you, this worked for a time while i was testing it.
At first it was working perfectly, i could login as normal, and move from one map to another.

Then, i tried to log with another character and it worked fine aswell, i tried to go to OT with that character and got kicked out of the game again, this time without authentication error, when i tried to log in again, i couldn’t and after a couple more tiems, authentication error came back.

I used the “netsh interface ipv4 delete destinationcache” with hopes of solve the problem again without success.

I’m not sure if anybody else can confirm this worked for them, would be nice to know,

On a side note, i feel that its easier to log in in any map from kithai than from the oldworld, i can’t confirm that, i just have less issues there than back in the older maps.