Failed to authenticate with the character server

Trying to contact support for this and getting nowhere fast. I’ve tried disabling my firewall and I tether my laptop to my 4G iPhone.

Can anyone help please?

Did you try without using a cellphone to access internet ? some providers block this kind of traffic.

I can play Guild Wars 2 with the same connection.

Use a VPN, if that doesn’t help, i don’t know what else can you do.
If you don’t have one, i recommend Windscribe, they offer free 15gb, i don’t know how it gets after that or if you know a better one, i would like to know, free of course.

This is a serious problem, i don’t know where you live but i’m not in Europe or the US and i’ve played AoC since 2012, i’ve been subed many times. Never had a problem to log. I left the game in 2016 and came back this year but encountered with this problem, somebody said that using a vpn could help and it did, but now i depend on a VPN to play.
I want to sub again but since i have this vpn dependency i rather not, a send a ticket to FC support and i know that will take ages, but i hope they fix it.

Interesting you have this right now since I battled same issue last night when I had new router.

The Character server chokes on IPv6. So in my case the newer 4G router had better IPv6 support which made the computers use IPv6 when possible.

Solution was to disable IPv6 on the computer where I play Age of Conan and, instantly it would no longer hang on connecting to Character server.


That sorted it! Thanks!

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That didn’t work for me, well, if i disable ipv6 i can’t connect to internet, lol