Failed to authenticate with the character server(26 July)

Can’t enter the game. Its almost instant lost connection to the server(officaial PVE Crom) with this:

"Logging in…

Failed to authenticate with tha character server."

Please help! I just launched the game and really want to try it!

Make sure you patch your client. if you’re using something like AOC quick start to bypass the patcher you may not be using the latest version of the game and that will cause authentication errors when trying to log in.

I launch through Steam. I’ve already created character and played like 15 min, then i got kicked and since then can’t log in

If you’re still having this problem, do a data repair and then wait like 15 minutes before trying to log in afterwards.

Thanks for help, but that didn’t helped:(

If you run through Steam, try running straight from the file-

Steam>Steam Apps>Age of Conan

Run the .exe file and see if that works-

Also, you may have two versions ( I have two)

I had alot of problems, because I think- my game options were set to DX9 and the patcher was trying to find DX10. Or vis versa- I am not sure of this, but once I ran the AgeofConanDX10.exe straight from the file- the game worked as always. Once I reset everything in game back to DX9, all is good. I am also back to using Steam to start up with.

It might not help, but it did help fix my similar problems of not being able to run the game for a couple of days.

Good luck

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