Are there any professions to stay away from at the moment?


I used to play the game a while back and I’m returning because of the RK19 Hype.
Just a quick question if there are any professions to stay clear of because of current patches or nerfs?
Thanks in advance and help is appreciated!



A lot of people are turned off of NTs, since they have a harder time soloing.



The problem with NTs right now is that without SL, no cyberdeck. Also, many must have nanos are SL only.

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Guy clearly stated that he returned because of rk2019. Which you can’t join without expansions. The answer to your question is Adventurer. They have been nerfed so hard, in pvp everyone and their dog can kill you even if you own 100% of endgame equip. And in pvm, highly undesirable for any team. So there. Stay away from advies.



Damn have Adventurers really been nerfed that bad? Not even exaggerating? I’ve always wanted to roll one, and have been contemplating rolling a 1he advy alt for RK19.