Are there any Server Monetization rules?

Are there any Server Monetization Rules, as in is it allowed to make money with a Conan Server? like you are able to make with other Games?

for example selling a beginner pack?

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I know people take donations on discord and to support the server. Actually selling starter package? Alot of servers give out free starter package.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry! No disrespect meant to you, it’s just that I find it hilarious to imagine someone paying real world money for some Conan Exiles iron tools. :laughing:


Used to run a server (read as “joined admins and they quit right after, so it was just me”) that used to sell packs for players. It was surprisingly popular, people unironically like to spend $20 to start out with some good items and thralls. Obviously we called them “donations”, and the things we gave away where a for of saying thanks to people who donated.

Apparently you won’t get banned from having a server like this. At least we didn’t, for more than a year. If i would guess, its one of those “we don’t want you to do it, but we also don’t go around hunting and banning those who do”

-Starter packs are cool, beginner items are useless. Make two item packs, one cheap and a more expensive one. The base level for items needs to be starmetal, else people won’t give a single s***. Try adding things like “t3/t4 thralls”, “1 pet of choice”, “wallpapers/lights” (pippi is a godsend, many people loved wallpapers to meme their bases). Thing is, you can’t make this balanced. When you pay money, you want a good edge over others.

  • Building packs are also nice, some people just want to build their nice looking bases without farming for hours. Since Fancy walls require T3 mats, you can offer them materials in bulk.

That said, it only works if you have a decently sized playerbase, like at least 100 people added to your discord server and 40 players peak time. If you have less than that, all of the above probably won’t work well.

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No different then people buying dinos on Ark.

I’m just an old-fashioned tightwad, I guess. A DLC costs $10 and it gives me stuff I literally can’t get in-game (by myself) without buying it. I just can’t see myself spending twice as much on items that are all obtainable within the game. That’s also why I don’t play CCGs and other pay-to-win games. :man_shrugging:

See the explanation above :wink:


When we get new folks on the server we give them armor, food, tools and a pet or horse.


The ones throwing real money at something like this aren’t paying for the tools. But supporting the server the server they play on. Alot of big time donors give upwards of $100-500 to their favorite server. I’ve personally had a few friends even give more than that. In many cases they designate someone else to receive the rewards.

I even knew a guy from one of the oil countries who spent upwards of $5000-10000 on a Minecraft server he played on.

Funcom probably is like:

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I feel the same way, honestly it baffled me at first. Some people are just like that ¯\(ツ)
And a small part of the reason is helping to keep the server you enjoy, i had many people say that while buying it. So there is that

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The problem with “donations” is it inevitably leads to either favoritism or those that paid feeling like they should get favoritism. IF one person buys 2 starter packs, then they will feel like they were robbed if a player who bought no starter pack raided and looted that gear. Then they will complain the admins should replace because of [insert not my fault reason]. and honestly, they paid, so admin SHOULD pay more attention to them. If i pay for something, i expect service. If i pay more for my streaming service, i expect perks with it over someone using the free version.


I personally never had this issue, and even further, never had anyone complaining about losing their stuff.
In my opinion favoritism is a flaw from the people involved, not the system itself.
Yes we had “premium” users causing problems around the server, breaking rules. These people got the same treatment as everyone else and some even got banned when it sounded fair. Sure, you might lose respect of some of these people, but gain it tendfold from everyone else as long as you keep things honest.

All of this can be avoided by having clear rules about what you provide so people know what they are getting themselves into beforehand.

Ofc thats just my anecdotal experience, doesn’t mean that this is what usually happens. Just thought it was important to share how it can be done in a somewhat good way.

I’m sure some people are like that, but as admin I’d tell them to fq off…

It’s like buying a pair of shoes, getting robbed and then going to the store and demand a new pair of shoes… :rofl:

This has been my experience as well. No server is perfect. But if its been around for a few years and it has more people online than an official can cap at. Its probably good enough that the few bad instances are rare enough to not worry about.

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So basically you take thier money then don’t give customer service. that is the devils advocate way of how they would look at it. All i am saying is i see the majority of Conan players attitude about “equal” and fair, and so i wouldn’t give any players (because even as admins, they are players really) money. If i am going to pay a sub (even if volunteer) i want a EULA.

Now that sound familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on where I’ve read stuff like that before :laughing:


Basically no… They are buying a (virtual) product. Not a service.

If it says “Pay $10 and get X amount of build mats” and it does not say “Pay $10 for X amount of build mats and priority admin services”, then why would anyone expect priority admin services??

No one would expect to get a new pair of free shoes from the store if you lost the pair you bought… It makes no sense to expect anything but the product you bought.

Meh. I give away Lians for free with a horse+saddle and a sandstorm-mask. Easy peasy for me to obtain, and it reduces the grinding xp tremendously.

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Stoopidity must always be rewarded :rofl:
It costs around two cups of branded takeaway coffee and a muffin to rent a server for a month. :cookie: :coffee: :coffee:
(Gods, I wish I charged access to my players - heathen ingrates the lot of them!) :joy:

It isn’t too late to start, but I’m certain you’re aware of what will happen to your server population.
Take a poll of your current player base on your server.
Find out who is willing to pay money to help support the server you rent.
I don’t think you’ll get a lot of volunteers.
In short:
You pay the money, they get the fun.
I wouldn’t call that a whole hell of a lot of fun.
I’d reckon it to more like baby sitting, but not being paid for it.
I wouldn’t even bother calling people like that “friend” because that would be devaluating myself.

I know I am my own worst enemy and I sure as hell don’t need help.

In my experience, a good portion won’t donate. A decent handful will donate a few bucks. Some will donate more. And then if you’re lucky (or have a large enough population) you have a handful of ‘whales’ that just throw benjamins at you.