Are there console commands to modify Pet/Follow stats

A clanmate lost a pet to a truly ridiculous bug and wanted to recreate it. I saw a video about horses a while back where he was demonstrating accuracy on the horse and said he had jacked the accuracy on the horse to a certain value to demonstrate high accuracy but not how.

I want to recreate the pet as it was for the friend I play with on our server but can’t find any console commands to manipulate followers other than leveling them up.

From the video comments:

levelfollower (level 0 - 20)

Strength: SetFollowerStat AttributeMight #
Agility: SetFollowerStat AttributeAthleticism #
Vitality: SetFollowerStat AttributeHealth #
Accuracy: SetFollowerStat AttributeAccuracy #
Survival: SetFollowerStat AttributeMetabolism #
Stamina: SetFollowerStat AttributeStamina #
Encumberance: SetFollowerStat AttributeEncumberance #


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