I need some help !

I am a server administrator from China.
Because of language problems, I can’t understand all the server management instructions.
All my information depends on translation software.
So there’s a lot of information that I can’t understand very well.
Now I’m looking around for an instruction on how to adjust the growth attributes of followers.
For example: how to change 60% to 100%?
SetStat ?
Who can help me, please? Thank you so much!

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No way to change this with server settings. Your players have to give Followers different food for each attribute growth (+15% or +7% depending on food). Maybe there are some console commands but I do not know such commands.

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Thank you for your reply.
But I think there should be such a server command.
Because in our domestic forum, someone has uploaded a picture that all growth attributes are 100.
I can’t get specific answers because they’re treated as secrets. :(

probably a mod thing


It’s also possible. :thinking:

Normally, as an admin you can set stat values of followers (the thrall must be following you, not guarding something), but not the growth chance.
You do not have any control over which perks a thrall gets, either.

If anyone has control over perks and growth chances, than it is probabyl due to a mod.


I know how to change the attributes of followers.

SetFollowerStat AttributeHealth、Accuracy、Might、Athleticism、Metabolism

But sometimes growth attributes are more important than others.

All in all, thank you for your reply.

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