Editing Thralls

How to remove and add certain skills to thralls,how to restore his health,how to change attribute growth % through the console?

You can’t change the skills, you can only influence them.

For human thralls: (Keep in mind these are only adding to the possibility of leveling these attributes)

Cooked pork - 7% to both Strength and Vitality
Shredded Roast - 14% to Agility
Grilled Steak - 14% to Vitality
Cooked Fish - 14% to Accuracy
Gruel - 14% to Strength

There are recipes which do the same thing, and they help thralls heal faster.

Honestly, I only worry about how I want them to level, so it’s steak or gruel for me. If I am going to a really dangerous area, healing arrows work just fine. Good quality armor keeps them from taking a lot of damage in the first place.


I’m interested in console commands

SetFollowerStat [stat] [value]

With the following values:


So if you wish to modify their strength to say, 30, you need to use:

SetFollowerStat might 30

If you wish to change a perk, you need to delevel the thrall and relevel them and get another random perk. You can do this by using:

LevelFollowerUpTo [Value]

So if you get a bad perk at 20, you can do:

LevelFollowerUpTo 19
LevelFollowerUpTo 20

All commands require the specific thrall to be following you.

As for restoring health, or growth percent chances, I think you’ll need to look into modding for that. Health may restore them to max when you change, but I’m not sure. Hope all that helps.

So modifying stats via command, we should look for the potions? I’m asking, because STR is not STR, but might, just like the strength potion.

More or less, I’ll break it down a bit:

AttributeHealth = HP
AttributeStamina = ?(Thralls don’t have stamina)
AttributeMight = Strength
AttributeAthleticism = Agility
AttributeAccuracy = Accuracy
AttributeEncumbrance = ?(Thralls don’t have encumbrance)
AttributeMetabolism = Survival
DamageModifierMelee = Weapon damage modifier for melee
DamageModifierRanged = Weapon damage modifier for ranged

Last two are pretty interesting stats, they’re usually regarded as the most important for thrall damage, even more so than any other attribute or perk. Since a 2.21 modifier directly multiplies their weapon damage by x2.21, so a 100 damage weapon becomes 221. After that it is modified by strength, which means a 30 STR (~22% on average increase) will increase that to 288. But if the thrall only has a 1.5 modifier, the 100 damage weapon does 195. First example STR increases damage by 66 and the second increase by 45. Meanwhile 0 STR would be 221 vs 150 or a difference of 75 damage.

As you can see STR doesn’t matter as much as the modifier, it still matters since you can have your cake and eat it too (Dalansia for example).

Sorry for the off tangent, but this was a great time to share that.


Thank you!
Now I can negate the warden perk my János just got :rofl:

if this is all that is known / available, then this is sad

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