Grit based armor or potions , or buffs

Hmm previous grit based armor has been changed to stamina.

Is there any set available ?

How about foods?

You mean armor set that gives you “+armor” ?

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Shredded Roast (cooked feral flesh) gives grit boost to thralls while levelling - might do the same for players.

If not, collect all the recipe books and check each recipe at a Stove.

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Awesome thank you

Crap it doesnt work- i just made a vanir heavy +7 to stamina but no change in grit on thrall.

For thralls I can only suggest going damage increase.

You can give them Pictish Heavy for example. For Strength weapons.

And buff them with Black Lotus potion or Elixier of might and salted pork.

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Yeah i do that now. Just wanted to test out some stuff. Anyways no game breakin stuff.

Many of my thralls are already strength heavy. Was hoping to do away with the ZERO on their stat sheet - LOL!

Yeah, nothing gives you a bonus to an Attribute anymore, only derived stats (ie. damage, hitpoints, stamina, carrying capacity, etc.).

There’s a potion that gives a direct bonus to armor, if that’s what you wanted.

This is actually what i was looking for -foods to use while leveling your thrall

Cooked pork- str/armor(grit)- 7/7
Shredded roast- armor(grit)-14
Steak-vitality- 14
Cooked fish-agility- 14
Enhanced gruel-str/agility 7/7
Exquisite stew-Str/vit 7/7
Exotic feast- Str/vit-7/7
Lasting feast- Vit/Armor(Grit)-7/7
Roasted Haunch- nothing- healing only apparently

All numbers in percentages.

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