Thrall Diet for Statistics

Is the thrall diet to raise thrall stats still the same as it was before the Isle update? I remember like, you gave them a specific food item, and when they have a level a statistic would go up from that food item. Fish=strength up, as an example. I read inside patch notes that the thrall system was reworked but I can’t find anything about this, so am assuming is the same, yeah?
Just found my first thrall after starting a game again, what can I expect?

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Not quite the way you describe it (but also not changed as far as I know - unless PS4 uses a different diet system from PC, which seems unlikely). You probably know a bunch of this, but I figured it’d help to lay it all out.

Each of the foods on the diet list provide healing and a bonus to the growth chance for a stat (or more than one stat).

Healing - from left to right top row then bottom row, they provide 1hp/sec, 1hp/sec, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 hp/sec (so there are two '1’s and no ‘5’)

Each food also provides a bonus to the growth chance for a stat - this is the chance that the thrall will gain one (or more) points in that stat each time they level (essentially the chance gets ‘rolled’ for each stat each level, so sometimes they might gain points in several stats and sometimes they might miss on several). Off the top of my head, gruel adds +14% to growth chance for strength(and 6 hp/sec healing), steak adds +14% growth chance for vitality (and 2 hp/sec) - fish is for accuracy. But if you check on the wiki, you’ll find the full list.

In addition - eating foods from their diet list gives followers a +10% damage bonus buff (except the top left one, which gives +25%, but also the worst healing).

I hope something in there helps :slight_smile:

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Their diet have not change since I started,
Cooked Pork rind - 7% chance to Str and Agi
Shredded Roast - 14% to Agi
Grilled Steak - 14% to Vit
Cooked Fish - 14% to Acc
Roasted Haunch - Add nothing
Gruel - 14% to Str
Exquisite Stew - 7% to Str and Vit
Lasting Feast - 7% to Agi and Sur
Enhanced Gruel - 7% to Str and Acc
Exotic Feast - 7% to Str and Vit


It certainly does, I forgot that it was a % chance of growth, thank you for clearing that up
Another thing that I am wondering, do food items stack, like if I give a thrall both fish and steak, it increases chances for two stat growths, or does the last one erase the previous?

I think it only counts the first type of food eaten after leveling up for stat bonus chance

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From what I know, they do not stack with each other and some food will overwrite previous stat growth buff then it will stick around until the thrall level up.
Side note: now after first the level up, you would need the thrall to take damage for it to show up on the stat page.

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You mean you need the thrall to take damage to see if the bonus from the food has been applied?

Yea, when you level thrall too fast you might lose out on the growth buff. Before the siptah update you just need to take out the food and put it back into thrall inventory for it to proc. Now they don’t eat it when you put in(other than the first time) and if we forces them to eat using the interact button(□ for me) it will treat them like us eating food giving them the sated buff instead.

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Yes, I see what you mean now. It is annoying as so far, my thrall does not even lose hp from enemies or me hitting them. Only when falling from heights.

But we’ll that is ok, I only ever used thralls as pack mules and damage sponges haha.

There is another simple workaround (for thralls - doesn’t work for pets) - if you make sure that at least one piece of armour they are wearing provides a vit bonus, then you can remove and re-equip that armour piece - this will force them to heal. I do still find that I sometimes need to also remove and replace the food stack. Extra micro-management (yay!), but it does at least make it possible.

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I guess it is a bug then, there is no way that this could have been intentional.
At least the thralls actually…do stuff now. They seem to react to things so much better than when I last played.

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I believe it’s an unintended side-effect of preventing people from stacking those melee buffs (there was a time that apparently they just kept stacking until the server was reset) - since one of the recent patches (I think it was 2.4) that has been ‘fixed’ by making sure that thralls will only eat once to get that buff and won’t eat again until that buff has expired, except to heal. I suppose we should just be glad they included the ‘except to heal’ clause, lol.

Wow, it was fixed this way? Could they not simply have nullified a stack from a second food item? O_o

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