[PvE] Thrall Diets - Does it matter what food you give them? Do they receive bonuses?

When you interact with a thrall, at the bottom there is a diet box with: Grilled Steak, Roasted Haunch, and Shredded Roast.

If you give these items to your thrall, whether they are “Guard” thralls at a base/outpost, or “Follower” thralls who accompany you, do they get any stat bonus?

Health increase? Armor increase? Damage increase? Damage mitigation?

I’m trying to min/max thrall pots so I can give my defender thralls the best food.

Supposedly they get a bonus “for a while”. How long that bonus lasts and how big it is, I have no idea. Never bothered with giving them “preferred food” myself.

I have tried giving them low and high quality food, and while there may be a difference, I haven’t noticed any when they fight.

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