Feeding thralls and pets benefits

I’m fine with the mechanic, but does feeding your thralls better quality food have any added benefits? Like fighting better or healing faster or just raising morale in general?

It’s supposed to offer a temporary buff when feeding them the food that is in their diet list. I honestly have no idea what this buff is though.

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Maybe increased health regen or something? I didn’t notice anything either.

Attack power maybe, that was the rumor when the feeding system first came out, but I didn’t really follow up on it much. All I know is that it’s something :stuck_out_tongue:

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From my testing with it, it seems to be attack power! ^^

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If it is, then my all steak thrall diet should be showing serious gainz soon. :grin:

Nice Deadpool avatar.

Haha thanks and i certainly hope they show those gains soon bro!

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